Community Parks

The Meadowlakes Property Owners Association (the Association) owns and maintains the community parks located within the City of Meadowlakes.  Parks maintenance is funded by part of the annual fees assessed from the property owners.  There are four parks:

Lakeside Park – As the name implies is on the shore of Lake Marble Falls located on Meadowlakes Dr. and Deer Lick, and includes a boat ramp, an area for fishing, a covered gathering place, and a grill.

Wayne Dollar Park – Also called the Kid’s Park is located on Mahan St. and has playground equipment and loads of space to run around in.

Veterans Park – is located on Meadowlakes Dr. about a block from the main gate and is dedicated to the members of our armed forces.

First Responder’s Park – is on Meadowlakes Dr. about ½ a block from Veteran’s Park and is dedicated to all of the area’s first responders.

Firestone Park – is located in the 300 Block of Firestone Dr. and is the newest of our parks for use by our residents.

The parks are available from dawn to dusk to serve the community, and can be reserved for private gatherings by contacting the City Hall.   Use of the parks is at the users’ own risk.  The Association tries to maintain the parks in clean and safe condition, but the parks environments are frequently controlled by Mother Nature, with wet, slippery conditions and local flora and fauna.

Importantly, the parks are part of our community in more than just name.  The parks are physically located among our residential homes.  So, please be considerate of the parks’ neighbors, by obeying traffic and parking rules and by courteously observing commonsense noise, music, trash, and privacy etiquette.

Here are the features of each park 

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park provides an outdoor community activity center offering boating, fishing, picnicking, and sitting idly by the lake to pass the time.  The park is not gated, but we ask that activity at the park not be started until dawn and cease at dusk for safety and for the respect of the park’s neighbors. 

The boat launch provides access to Lake Marble Falls via concrete ramp.  And, there is limited vehicle and trailer parking near the launch ramp.  Users are cautioned that boat ramps are inherently slippery and the transition area between ramp and lake can be uneven. 

Adjacent to the launch ramp is a large pier that some days provides great fishing – and some days not.  But, the pier always provides a great place to sit and enjoy the surroundings. 

The covered pavilion at the park is a focal point for our sharing special, community-wide occasions sponsored by the Association, as Memorial Day, Easter, and 4th of July.   The pavilion is available during park hours for private use or it may be reserved for private functions.  There is a minimal charge for reservations, and the person reserving the pavilion is responsible for clean up after the function.   

Wayne Dollar Park

Wayne Dollar Park serves mainly the younger members of our community – the children.  Frequently, you will hear it referred to as the Children’s Park.  The park was named in honor of a longtime resident and volunteer within Meadowlakes, Mr. Wayne Dollar.  The park occupies about 1 acre of greenspace, with outdoor play equipment for the children.

Military Veterans Memorial Park

The Military Veterans Memorial Park honors the men and women who have served – and continue to serve -- in our armed services, risking their all to protect our freedoms.  The focal point is a granite monument bearing the memorial inscription and insignias of our armed services at the center of the park, with seating and pergola cover for visitors.   The memorial park was dedicated on February 13, 2016.

The three pathways to the monument are lined with commemorative bricks honoring and bearing the names of Meadowlakes residents and other family members who have served, or are serving, in the five branches of the United States Armed Services.  The bricks commemorate 186 honorees that have spent a total of 1,540 years in military service, including 30 career veterans.

First Responders Memorial Park

The First Responders Park is the newest park in the community and honors our civilian law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency medical service personnel in our community, our state and our nation, who risk their safety to protect ours.  The focal point is a water feature adjoining the memorial bronze casting and inscription.  The park will be dedicated on September 11, 2017.

Firestone Park
Firestone Park