Brush Pickup Guidelines

1. Did you trim the items or did you have someone do it for you?

Any items trimmed by contracted tree trimmers, or lawn service providers, or brush removed for lot clearing shall be disposed of by the person or company performing the work or by other means by the resident.

2. We will pick up the following items:

Limbs at least one (1) inch diameter and less than 4 inches in diameter and less than (8) feet in length. The limbs should be organized neatly at the curbside in piles no higher than three (3) feet with all cut ends of the limbs toward the curb.

3. Items that we do not pick up:

Limbs less than (1) inch in diameter or larger than 4 inches in diameter, vines, grass, leaves, bushes, garden plants, shrubs, stumps and similar materials. Any items with thorns will not be picked up for safety reasons.

Small brush that is less than one (1) inch in diameter shall be bundled and adequately tied with string and/or wire by the resident; each bundle shall not exceed four (4) feet in length or weigh in excess of forty-five (45) pounds.  Bundles shall be placed at the curb on bulk collection day for pickup.

4. Charges

There is no charge for the first (15) minutes.  Should the crew not finish chipping within the allotted fifteen (15) minutes free time, you will be charged $20 for each additional (15) minute intervals with a $20 minimum charge.

Brush is picked up each Thursday. Weekly cutoff time for the brush list is 4:00 each Wednesday for pickup the following day. Any requests that are received after that time will be picked up the following week.