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Webworm Control Coop

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Webworm (President): John Aaron 830-693-1110

Webworm (V-P): Bob Brown 512-659-4000

Webworm Secretary: Larry Latshaw 830-637-7437

Webworm Treasurer: Jack Tibbits 830-798-1626

Director at large: Jim Tolles 830-693-1818

The Meadowlakes Webworm Control CO-OP (a Texas Non-Profit Cooperative, formed in 1996) provides property owners spraying services for control of webworms that annually attack Meadowlakes pecan trees. The CO-OP is managed and operated totally by volunteers. America’s Best Pest Control (a local commercial operator) performs the actual spray application under contract to the CO-OP. The spray contains a bacterial agent that destroys webworms as a result of webworms eating spray residual on pecan tree foliage. The spray is not harmful to plants, pets or humans.


Property owners that have pecan trees are mailed an annual application requesting participation in the CO-OP. Application and billing is mailed to property owners in mid May for the current year. Owners participate by completing the application and returning same along with monies that are based on the number of trees to be sprayed on property. Date of first spraying is based on actual conditions, but it usually occurs in June or early July. Subsequent sprayings at four to six week intervals are applied as required. Number of sprays can vary from 0 to 4 each year.


The CO-OP encourages all property owners to participate. Maximum participation is needed to effectively control the webworm. For additional information contact any of the Webworm CO-OP directors.


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