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Meadowlakes Municipal Court of Record #1:


Municipal Judge: Judge Don Adams


If you have received a citation within Meadowlakes, please read your citation thoroughly.  The State mandates time constraints in dealing with your citation.  It is always advisable to contact the Court Clerk to assist you with questions.


Court Clerk: Loren Meiner (830-693-6840).
The Municipal Court Clerk for the Meadowlakes Court of Record Number 1 reports directly to Honorable Judge Adams.  The Municipal Court Clerk is responsible for assisting and providing information to the public and Defendants in relation to citations and general court procedures.

The Court Clerk is responsible for accurately recording court proceedings and case files, including payments agreements, community service, warrants and all aspects of legal documentation; filing State mandated reports & payments; maintaining training skills; TCCA membership; and retention policies.

The Municipal Court Clerk serves as the Court liaison and offers administrative assistance to the Judge, Court Reporter, State's Attorney, Enforcement Officers, Bailiff, Prospective Jurors, Defendants, and the general public.


Deputy Court Clerk:  Debbie Holley  (830-693-2951).

Court Information and Forms:

  Court Dress Code
Defendant Instructions
Payment Agreement
Community Service Options
Community Service time Sheet
Request for Driver Safety Course

Court Dates:

For court dates contact the Court Clerk

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