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Meadowlakes Contact Information:

City of Meadowlakes - City Hall

177 Broadmoor, Suite A

Meadowlakes,Texas 78654

Phone:(830) 693-6840 Fax: (830) 693-2124

E-mail: [email protected]


Mayor: Mary Ann Raesener 830-693-6135
[email protected]

Council Member Place 1: Mike Barry 830-637-7119
[email protected]

Council Member Place 2: Alton Fields 830-798-2379
[email protected]

Council Member Place 3: Jerry Drummond 830-693-4268
[email protected]

Council Member Place 4: Clancy Stephenson 830-693-0860
[email protected]

Council Member Place 5: Barry Cunningham 801-916-0505
[email protected] 

City Manager:  Johnnie Thompson 830-693-2951

City Treasurer: Eileen Harrison 830-693-7645

City Secretary / Court Clerk: Loren Meiner 830-693-6840

Bookkeeper/POA Asst:  Debbie Holley 830-693-2951

Municipal Court: 830-693-6840

Municipal Judge: Judge Don Adams 830-693-6840

Animal Control: Robbie Galaway (toll free)1-877-816-8136

Ordinance Enforcement:   Pat Preston(toll free) 1-877-442-0072

Emergency Management: Joe Hernandez 248-978-6570

Building Committee Chairman: Blair Feller

Floodplain Administrator: Mike Williams 830-693-2951

Golf Course Office/Tee times: 830-693-3300     Fax: 830-693-3675

Golf Course Restaurant: 830-693-4467

Golf Course Director: Jeremy Grubb 830-693-3300

Public Facility Corporation: Larry Upton

Public Works Department: 830-693-2951

Public Works/POA Fax: 830-693-2124

Public Works Secretary: Evan Cutchin 830-693-2951

Planning & Zoning: Tom Carpenter 830-693-1657

Homeowner's Association (POA): 830-693-2951

Property Owners (President): David Baker 806-445-1300

Property Owners (V-P): Jerrial Wafer 512-516-3326

Property Owners (Secretary): Jan Cunningham 801-916-0505

Property Owners (Treasurer): Dottie Stueckroth 830-798-0737

Property Owners (Security): Len Fate 830-693-1560

Property Owners (Maintenance): James Woods 830-693-1626

Property Owners (RV Park/Boat Storage): Joe Summers 830-798-9578

Security Gate: 830-693-4110

Utility Billing Questions: Evan Cutchin 830-693-2951

Webworm (President): John Aaron 830-693-1110

Webworm (V-P): Bob Brown 512-659-4000
Webworm Secretary: Larry Latshaw 830-637-7437

Webworm Treasurer: Jack Tibbits 830-798-1626

City Website: [email protected]


Revised 09-30-2015

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