Members of the building committee are: 
Place 1 - Joe Summers
Place 2 - Bob Powers 
Place 3 - Bob Henderson
Place 4 - Steve Nash - Chairman
Place 5 - Anthony Sosinski

The City's Building Committee is charged with administering and controlling construction in the City of Meadowlakes. Authority for this charge is contained in the City’s ordinances and the Property Owner’s Association covenants and restrictions, which, among other things, specify that the committee will insure harmony of aesthetic values of exterior design for all property owners.

A property owner desiring to construct a house, alter or add to an existing house, construct a deck, patio, pool, or install a fence, must have the prior approval of the Committee. Three (3) sets of detailed drawings of work to be performed must be submitted to the Building Committee at the City Hall office, for approval. The Committee will then review these drawings within ten (10) days of the submittal date. Any drawings not approved at this time will be reconsidered after changes have been made and resubmitted for review at the next regular meeting of the committee. All residential construction must conform to the ”International Codes” (I-Codes) as well as other adopted codes and to numerous local building ordinances and restrictions.

If you have a question about your project, please contact a member of the Building Committee.

New Construction Application   
Water/Sewer connect/POA road impact fee
Remodel Application
Irrigation Permit Application
Amending a Plat
Floodplain Permit Application

Variance Request

7/8/219 agenda
6/24/19 agenda; 6/24/19 minutes
6/10/2019 agenda; 6/10/2019 minutes
5/13/2019 agenda; 5/13/2019 minutes
4/22/2019 agenda; 4/22/2019 minutes
4/8/2019 agenda; 4/8/2019 minutes
3/25/2019 agenda; 3/25/19 minutes
3/11/2019 agenda;  Meeting Cancelled
02/25/2019 agenda
02/11/2019 agenda; 02/11/2019 minutes
01/28/2019 agenda; 01/28/2019 minutes
01/14/2019 agenda; 01/14/2019 minutes
11/26/2018 agenda; 11/26/2018 minutes
10/08/2018 agenda; 10/08/2018 minutes
10/01/2018 Special Called Meeting agenda; 10/01/2018 minutes
09/24/2018 agenda;  09/24/2018 minutes
09/10/2018 agenda;  09/10/2018 minutes
08/27/2018 agenda;  08/27/2018 minutes
08/13/2018 agenda; 08/13/2018 minutes
07/23/2018 agenda; 07/23/2018 minutes
07/09/2018 agenda; 07/09/2018 minutes
06/25/2018 agenda; 06/25/2018 minutes                                                                                                                                        
06/11/2018 agenda; 06/11/2018 minutes
05/14/2018 agenda; 05/14/2018 minutes
04/23/2018 agenda;04/23/2018 minutes
04/09/2018 agenda;04/09/2018 minutes
03/26/2018 agenda; 03/26/2018 minutes
03/12/2018 agenda; 03/12/2018 minutes
02/26/2018 agenda; 02/26/2018 minutes
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01/22/2018 agenda; 01/22/2018 minutes
01/08/2018 agenda; 01/08/2018 minutes
12/11/2017 agenda;
12/11/2017 minutes